Monday, April 16, 2007


When Shira was little, especially as a toddler, I can remember her coming up with TONS of cute "sayings." We loved them, of course, because she often just said really sweet things like "thank you much."

And then there was Tobin. He decided to take his sweet time in talking. It wasn't until he was closer to 3 years old that we finally started getting legible language out of him. BUT NOW... oh my word, the talking! He is continually asking questions - apparently he has some learning about the world to get caught up on, making up for all those silent years! So here are some of the funniest things out of his mouth lately...

~ in looking at my computer first thing in the morning, I have Weatherbug, which basically just pops up a screen with the week's forecast. In addition to saying the high and low temperature for the upcoming 3 days, it also shows a small little know, a sun for "sunny" or a lightening bolt for "thunderstorms." Tobin loves to report the weather (in fact, he often asks us to turn on the news so that we can watch the weather). So each morning, he looks at my computer, and normally he says something along the lines of "Mommy, it's going to be two sunnys and one big storm..."or..."Mommy, it's going to be a hot, hot day and two clouds."

~ because he is sooo inquisitive, it's easy for us as Mom and Dad to simply "tune out" the endless questions with just simple yes, no, uh-huh, things like that. But the other day, my dad (his "papa") took him for the afternoon for me, and rather than just stay at Papa's office, they ran around town doing errands. It was several days later when I was driving with Tobin, when we saw a flat bed trailer with a tractor/backhoe/big construction thing-y on it. Tobin went NUTS! "Mommy, that's an elevator! An ELEVATOR!" I had no clue where he thought he was seeing an elevator on the busy street in Tulsa, until I realized what he was pointing at and put two and two together. My boy had spent time with his Papa! My boy probably drove his Papa nuts, and Papa thought he'd teach him a thing or two about the construction world by sharing all sorts of really big words...hence the "EXCAVATOR" that Tobin learned about!

~ Tobin loves Buzz Lightyear all of a sudden. The other morning, while I was getting ready for the day, Tobin decided to come into my bathroom, which has two french doors that meet in the middle. The little guy ran into the bathroom urgently, closed the doors behind him with both hands and leaned forward and yelled, "Mommy - I come in PEACE!" Well, thank goodness! That always makes my mornings go that much more smoothly!

~ After having Micah in our home for about 4 weeks, Tobin was head over heels in love! So it came as quite a shock that he all of a sudden started asking when Micah was going to go away. We kept calmly explaining to him that God blessed us with his little brother, we love him very much, and he's a part of our family forever. He's not going anywhere! Tobin kept asking, day after day, when we were going to get rid of Micah. So finally we probed him further - and Tobin suddenly made it clear to all of us...he asked..."When is Baby Micah going to get in the basket and go in the river? Isn't he going to go live with the girls?" Somehow, Baby Micah got lost in the translation of Baby Moses! At least the Bible learning is sticking...somehow...


Jean said...

Thats so cute! Sounds like something one of my 3 would say.
Thanks for stopping by and I sure will stop by more often here. I don't know how I do it..but I have a talent for finding Oklahoma bloggers it's so funny. I dont "look" on purpose. Im from Oklahoma but live in Texas and its always nice to find a piece of "home" in someones blog.

Lori said...

Sara - that is precious! It's so fun to try to figure out their perspective. I know it keeps me busy!