Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sweet baby boy

My sweet Micah,
Today you are 6 months old. I cannot even believe how quickly time has flown by. You are a precious little guy. From the day you arrived, you've done nothing but bring our family joy. I guess part of that comes from your birth order - being the 3rd kid, you've learned to adapt. No, we don't have you on a perfect schedule. No, you're not sleeping through the night. But yes, you are more than willing to flash your big ol' grin at anyone who simply looks at you. Everyone always comments about what a happy baby you are. This past week or two has brought some pretty big milestones for you, as well. You got dropped (bad momma) but you are OK! You cut your first tooth - starting rolling around like a pro - and lately, the "words" you say are becoming more prolific. I think for sure I heard a "mama" this morning - but we'll just wait and see on that one. You love all things corded - especially the phone cords at Gramma and Papa's offices. Momma's headset cord is a favorite for you, too. And as I type this - you're playing with daddy's network cable on the floor! Your big brother and sister adore you. They are so excited to peek into your crib each morning and talk to you. Tobin asks all the time when you get to sleep together in the bunk beds that you'll have in a year or so. And Shira - well, she's just a perfect little momma. She loves to hold you - and we've even let her carry you a time or two. You're just so easy going...and we are so thankful to have you as a part of our family. I love you, my sweet Micah boy. Grow strong!!! Love, Momma

just a few hours old

One Month old

about 6 or 7 weeks old - first smiles

3 months old

falling in love with his activity center and
falling asleep holding the toys hanging above him

5 months old - cracking up with daddy

6 months old - TODAY!!!

Painting wavy lines is harder than you might think

It's been a whirlwind summer! For Shira's 6th birthday (back in June!) we told her that she could redo her room - so she chose the bedspread, and momma painted the room. The rest of the summer has been spent looking for co-ordinating accessories - so here's what it looks like so far:
That lamp you see sitting there all by it's lonesome will eventually go on the nightstand that Papa is making for her. She is totally excited about that lamp - because it's almost identical to the one that was in the picture that came on the comforter.
This is where she stores all her toys, books and just recently, my stereo that she bootlegged from our master bathroom. Seems like the girl's gotta have her tunes, no matter what!
When Shira was first born, we began collecting teddy bears, thinking that she'd be a sweet girl always carrying around a teddy bear. Not so much. But, they're too cute to waste, so Papa made these great shelves, and I think it looks great on top of her window!
We found the S-H-I-R-A letters at Hobby Lobby - and Shira loves them! I think they're really cute with the wavy rick-rack paint border that we did, too. All in all - a really fun project!

He said he wasn't tired...

But the hard days of going to school all morning long are really tough on a little big guy.