Tuesday, May 19, 2009

30 Day Shred, Day 1

Tried to take "before" pictures...Shira had a rough time with the big old honking camera. I'm hoping it was her angle that made it look like the camera is adding WAY.TOO.MANY.POUNDS. I will post the official numbers tomorrow...after I've had a hubby to help with that!

Rules: Reading "Master Your Metabolism" and am convicted to go as organic as the budget will allow. Adding one whole grain per day. Eating a light dinner, shredding after dinner, with an Access bar and ProFlex to supplement. No eating after 8pm. Nothing to drink but water.

6:45pm - eat my Access Bar
7:00pm - start the madness
jumping jacks, ok. squats, ok. It was the kicks that killed me - those ol' shin splits raring their ugly head again.
7:24pm - done. Praise the Lord...not too bad! Shaky, yes - but if that 20 minute workout is going to get rid of the baby belly, then that's 20 minutes I can get behind! :)
7:30pm - downing my first ProFlex shake. VERY sweet - will have to get used to that.

Trying to figure out how to do this while on vacation...I truly want to do this for a solid 30 days and see what my results are.

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