Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Christmas Meme!

I was tagged by my sis, so here's my answers! :)

1. When do you put up your tree? Usually around December 1st. I like to have it up as long as possible, yet still keep Thanksgiving and Christmas separate. The first weekend in December is usually when it happens.

2. Favorite Christmas Goodie? Russian teacakes. Hot Chocolate. Spiced Apple Cider.

3. Favorite Christmas Carol/Song?
Are you kidding me? There is noooo way I could limit it to just here's some of the ones that come immediately to mind...
1. The Reason Why - off the Christmas Worship Down Under album from Hillsong.
2. Emmanuel, God with Us - off A Christmas Story by Point of Grace
3. Rose of Bethlehem - off the Selah album by the same title
4. Once Upon a Christmas - by Dolly Parton
5. Deck the Halls in 7/8 time
6. Oh Come Little Children
7. Hallelujah Chorus by Messiah (yes, I know it's not technically a Christmas song...)

4. Least favorite Christmas Carol/Song? anything way too fast and "commerically." A few weeks ago Kevin and I were in a restaurant and Jingle Bells came on - but it was super fast, and the singer was messing around with the meter - literally made me want to pull my ears off my head!

5. Do you like eggnog? YES! (the lowfat version is best - especially in a "Chog" - half Chai tea, half eggnog)

6. Oddest Christmas present you've ever received? ??

7. Best Christmas present you've ever received? My Willow Tree Nativity and angels. Kevin and my mom started the set several years ago at my birthday (Dec.4) and then I got the rest of it for Christmas. Now, Kevin has a tradition of getting me a new angel every Christmas. This year, I know that Shira had a hand in picking out one for me. She is SO excited for me to open it!

8. Most memorable childhood Christmas present? I can remember being super excited about getting my first "gold" watch in grade school. But, just like my sister, I can really remember being thankful for my purple boom box that I got around 4th grade. That thing sure did play a TON of Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith tapes!

9. Favorite color of Christmas lights? BLUE BLUE BLUE on the house! But Christmas is for kids - and so our tree really reflects that. There is nothing polished or perfect about our tree with it's eclectic ornament collection - and lots of multi-colored lights!

10. Tree - Real or Artificial? Always always always REAL. The pine tree scent has to be there - I'm an Oregon girl at heart and it just would not be Christmas without the real pine around.

11. Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? On Christmas Eve, we open our gifts to each other that are, strategically, Christmas jammies and/or slippers. Then, we wear them to bed and our Christmas pics in the morning look great while we open everything else!

12. One of your family's Christmas traditions - past or present? I always loved the Christmas caroling...our kids haven't been big enough to do that yet, but really, the best tradition is just the chance to be together as a family.

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Alana said...

This was fun to read! Merry Christmas, friend!