Sunday, August 26, 2007

K's birthday

What should I do for my husband's 41st birthday this coming Friday? I'd love to do something special - but my brain is fresh out of ideas. Suggestions???


Anonymous said...

Since the babysitter is an issue, why not lunch or a late breakfast out together, if possible,--that isn't terribly long or involved, but it could be nice. Then, as a family, you and the kids could compile a list of 41 reasons to celebrate Daddy and Hubby. The reasons could be part of dinner and game night, and everyone could participate. :)HMH

Alana said...

I keep thinking I'll think of something, but so far I haven't come up with anything. Did you decide what to do?

Sandy said...

Hey, my hubby is 41 :)
Assuming you wil have the kiddos, put them to bed early, rent one of his favorite movies and get some yummy ice-cream. Give him back & foot rub!
BTW, I posted what I served at 700 Club dinner.